StrongBox Access Control Systems allow you to plan and manage your people and premises

By our very nature humans are inquisitive and territorial. In the home or workplace, there exists an opportunity to create areas and rights of access to those area and at what time.

Without access control, there is an increased risk of persons wandering into unsafe areas. Without controlling access rights, the wrong people can gain access to a sensitive area or areas. Without scheduling access times, areas can be accessed at the wrong times..   



If you cannot identify who is who, then you'll have problems with intruders and imposters.

If you cannot validate staff and guest's access rights then they may wander off.

If you do not control access times, then they will become lax with their timing.

If you do not put in robust rules, then the rot will set in.



Give everyone a fob, card, code or biometrics and a clear instruction on how to navigate their way through their access rights of a site and they will become more efficient within a short space of time.

They will become more switched on to security matters and will quickly embrace the system and use it as their own. All as long as it is well maintained and the fleet of fobs, cards and codes are kept current.

Fail to keep the system maintained, and last month's fired can masquerade as this month's hired!




Here is your card

You can see your picture

You can tell that it's you

You can see that it's them

Your working space is safe and secure

You can get on with doing your best

You are an integral part of access control!



We are an Independent Security Company based in South Manchester. We design and build bespoke integrated security systems for the modern home or business premises which together create a safe environment for you and your family or work colleagues so that you can concentrate on the other important things in life. Regarding costs, we have a really transparent and honest pricing policy. There are no hidden costsno subscriptions and most importantly, all service charges are included in the price of your installation which runs for twelve months from the date of install. We provide 24/7 free phone support. There are no phone charges and when your system is installed, you own it, unlike withother companies.

From the team here at StrongBox, we look forward to securing your future