StrongBox Active Fire Systems are comprised of a number of devices working together to detect smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or other emergencies within a given area and to give a warning alarm through visual means, audible means and through the activation of procedures, which usually includes designated people guiding others to safety.

These alarms may be activated from smoke, heat and gas detectors. They can also be activated via manual fire alarm activation devices such as manual call points or pull stations and of course alert the relevant Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), who can immediately give a confirmed alarm signal and real-time relevant information to the Fire Service.



The Peshtigo fire, the most devastating wildfire in American history, burned across NE Wisconsin, burning down 16 towns, killing thousands of people, and affecting an area 40 times the size of Greater Manchester! The fire leapt 10 miles across Green Bay and was stopped by the waters of Lake Michigan. Perhaps the most amazing theory of how this megafire started is by hot fragments for the comet Biela despite the fact that comets are made of ice.

Before, during and after-fire data means that errors be corrected immediately and if you have a well maintained, well designed fire safety system, the resultant damage and loss can be kept to an absolute minimum.




 With Fire Systems, there are stringent rules concerning the design. The system has to make best use of design in the event of an activation, from the position of detectors to the cables used to fixings that fix the cables to their anchor points.

It makes perfect sense as with fire, comes smoke. Efficient and safe evacuation of people and immediate Fire Service notification via the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), the devastating effects of fire can be minimised.

Of course fires are rare, considering all things, but this is because over time, people have learnt the hard way. Society, through raising the profile of Fire Safety, remembers and thanks them for their contributions and sacrifices.


You respect Fire

You detect, see and smell it coming

You've got alarms, systems and practice drills

Your people are happy, ready and feel secure

You've spoke to The Fire Service

They know that you're good

You can get on with doing your best

You are fire ready!


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We are an Independent Security Company based in South Manchester. We design and build bespoke integrated security systems for the modern home or business premises which together create a safe environment for you and your family or work colleagues so that you can concentrate on the other important things in life. Regarding costs, we have a really transparent and honest pricing policy. There are no hidden costsno subscriptions and most importantly, all service charges are included in the price of your installation which runs for twelve months from the date of install. We provide 24/7 free phone support. There are no phone charges and when your system is installed, you own it, unlike withother companies.

From the team here at StrongBox, we look forward to securing your future