StrongBox Gate Automation is comprised of the devices and systems that go towards managing the controlled and safe passage of vehicles through a given gate or barrier within an authorised time scale.

Utilising detection, verification, signalling, lighting and child-safety systems ensure the most unobtrusive passage for those vehicles that should be there (staff, visitors, deliveries and emergency vehicles)  and not those that shouldn't be there (for example: scrap collection agents, opportunistic parking and inappropriate vehicles).

Gates and barriers are bespoke systems drawing their design and implementation from the dynamics of the site. Size, weight, usage, space, site communication, vehicle detection and aesthetics are all considered during design



The gateway to any site is the first impression visitors get of you and your premises and it is also one of the most used, exposed and vulnerable systems so it has to be up to the job.

StrongBox knows this and we endevour to make the control philosophy simple, robust and reliable. Get it right and all who use enjoy their transit. Get it wrong and all who pass shall leave in anger!

Finally, a gate sets the tone of behaviour in all who enter your premises. An ambassador working tirelessly for you.



Getting the balance right for gates requires a candid consultation on space, materials, weightcontrols, usage and risk. After that, aesthetics can be discussed along with costs.

Gates must take into account risks such as children, who see the fun in an automated gate. Good design will protect them.

Choosing the right equipment will ensure that the gate does its job in all weather conditions - even the most adverse.

Gates are an entirely personal thing so perhaps the starting question should be: "what makes you require a gate?"




You know you and your friends

You're aware of your visitors

You accept that there are foes

Your gate says the good can come in

Your gate says the good can go out

Your gate says no to the rest

Your gate says never to the worst

Your gate is your forward guard



We are an Independent Security Company based in South Manchester. We design and build bespoke integrated security systems for the modern home or business premises which together create a safe environment for you and your family or work colleagues so that you can concentrate on the other important things in life. Regarding costs, we have a really transparent and honest pricing policy. There are no hidden costsno subscriptions and most importantly, all service charges are included in the price of your installation which runs for twelve months from the date of install. We provide 24/7 free phone support. There are no phone charges and when your system is installed, you own it, unlike withother companies.

From the team here at StrongBox, we look forward to securing your future