WIRELESS MONITORED INTRUDER SECURITY ALARM SYSTEMS and CCTV from Strongbox Security - Protecting Your Home and Business in Hale Altrincham Brooklands Timperley Sale Stretford Cheshire Manchester and Beyond, with state of the art burglar alarms so please read on...


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StrongBox Wireless Intruder Alarm Systems are far better fitted before there's a break-in, not after one! The same is true about having a CCTV installation, definitely beforehand. Sometimes having a burglar alarm system fitted can be on peoples "to do" list but rarely acted upon, until after the event, when obviously it's too late, then they panic and get an intruder alarm system. Burglars are opportunists and will exploit any of your weaknesses i.e. you have to go out to work, go shopping and you have to sleep, among many other activities. Therefore each aspect of your life carries a weakness ready to exploit. A well installed and maintained, monitored intruder alarm will protect you and those you love, making a burglar pass right on by, only to ply his trade elsewhere.



It's a sad fact that The Police are regretfully, actually struggling to attend house burglaries after the event. 

Chief Constable Sara Thornton, head of the new National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC), admitted that, due to budget cuts, if a home iPad was stolen "it could be" that an officer would not be dispatched to investigate. Read that again; and then ask yourself this question. What if, it was something even more valuable than an iPad?

These after-the-event scenarios concern those premises without a monitored intruder alarm system. Should one have been fitted, any of these crimes could most definitely have been avoided. 



Yes. All of them! A combination of a bell, beams, contactsvibration sensorssoundersstrobes, personal alarm buttons and a wider variety of additional pieces make up your bespoke security alarm system to make the best job of protecting you and your premises.

All the cables are hidden to the best of our ability, some systems have a need to be fully/part wireless. Systems can be in one continuous building or spread across a given area.

A StrongBox Intruder Alarm package is a good start!



You can protect it all

You can protect in part

You can protect the perimeter

You can protect downstairs at night

You can include your pet

You can work or shop with peace of mind

You can travel and know it's secure

You can be sure your alarm is doing it's job!


Welcome to StrongBox

We are an Independent Security Company based in South Manchester, we operate in Hale Altrincham Brooklands Timperley Sale Stretford Cheshire and throughout the Manchester area. Here at Strongbox we design and build bespoke integrated security alarm systems for the modern home or business premises which together create a safe environment for you and your family or work colleagues so that you can concentrate on the other important things in life. Regarding costs, we have a really transparent and honest pricing policy. There are no hidden costs, no subscriptions and most importantly, all service charges are included in the price of your installation which runs for twelve months from the date of install. We provide 24/7 free phone support. There are no phone charges and when your system is installed, you own it, unlike with many other companies.

From the team here at StrongBox, we look forward to securing your future