StrongBox Locksmithing provide services and products in an area that traditionally sits side-by-side electronic security systems. Services can be as commonplace as providing additional keys for suited lock systems or as rare as removing and replacing all the locks on a home after a break-in attempt.

The Police Service regularly recommend that locks be updated to take advantage of new technology before the burglars take advantage of the lock!

A 24/7 service ensures that StrongBox Locksmithing will be there for you when you need it



Traditionally, the locksmith/lockpick relationship has always been a rabbit and fox situation in that when a lock is thwarted, the locksmith comes up with another layer of complexity to the lock and the lockpick tries in earnest to thwart the locksmith again.

In modern times, the burglars simply snap locks with brute force because the chances of jail are slim to none. Those doors with anti-snap/anti-bump technology win by using the lock as a sacrificial lamb. Although the broken in-situ lock has to be replaced, it is most likely that the burglar left empty-handed.



Is there is a possibility that someone else could have had access to the keys to a given door? If so,  then you cannot say that you have 100% control of that door locking system.

Not all doors require locks or the above kind of scrutiny, but some really do and StrongBox Locksmithing can assist you in making positive and preventative security choices.

Have you recently moved in? Did you recently lose your keys and had them handed back to you? Are you installing new doors or do you just need a lock changed, day or night?




You carry me

You care for me

You copy me

You replace me

I am the symbol of your security

I am your key

I am one half

The other half is locking your door  

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We are an Independent Security Company based in South Manchester. We design and build bespoke integrated security systems for the modern home or business premises which together create a safe environment for you and your family or work colleagues so that you can concentrate on the other important things in life. Regarding costs, we have a really transparent and honest pricing policy. There are no hidden costsno subscriptions and most importantly, all service charges are included in the price of your installation which runs for twelve months from the date of install. We provide 24/7 free phone support. There are no phone charges and when your system is installed, you own it, unlike withother companies.

From the team here at StrongBox, we look forward to securing your future